Gluckskafer 64 Building Slats In Flat Box

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Build stacking towers, houses and magical worlds, or create flat mosaics with these 64 colourful wooden slats which come in four different sizes. Children will enjoy using the wooden blocks to make a tall tower before removing the pieces one at a time, with the challenge being to take it apart without it collapsing. Tower building is a fun game for adults and children alike, and assembling the flat tiles into pretty patterns and mosaic images can be therapeutic too.

This set of Waldorf wooden blocks can be enjoyed on its own or combined with other wooden block to create elaborate buildings and cities. These building slats can also be used in colour sorting games and as counting aids in maths games or imaginative play food in a kitchen. Playing with these wooden slats will develop children's co-ordination, creativity and problem-solving abilities.

These solid wood blocks come in a wooden storage box. Ethically made, simple and hand-crafted, this block set has been made from solid FSC wood and treated with oil-based plant pigments and natural colours which allow the natural features and grain of the wood to show through.

The box measures 35 x 28 x 5 cm.