From Jennifer Reversible Chinese Strokes Tracing Board

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This customized reversible chinese strokes tracing board consists of 10 chinese strokes on each side, including the names of the strokes and their corresponding hanyu pinyin. It includes the 8 basic strokes and 12 compound strokes. The tracing board comes with a tracing stick. Board measures 33cm x 18.5cm.

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20 Chinese Strokes for the tracing board as follow:

1 横 héng
2 竖 shù
3 撇 piě
4 捺 
5 点 diǎn
6 提 
7 横钩 héng gōu
8 竖钩 shù gōu
9 横撇 héng pǐe
10 竖折shù zhé
11 竖提 shù tí 
12 弯钩 wān gōu
13 撇点 pǐe diǎn
14 横折钩 héng zhé gōu
15 撇折 pǐe zhé
16 横折 héng zhé
17 竖弯钩 shù wān gōu
18 竖折折钩 shù zhé zhé gōu
19 斜钩 xié gōu
20 横折提 héng zhé tí